Office of the Provost


Patricia E. Beeson was elected Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor by Pitt's Board of Trustees in June 2010. She leads a team that provides the academic vision and fiscal discipline to foster success in an environment characterized by nearly limitless opportunities—but also by clearly limited resources. The scope of our efforts encompasses research, academic affairs, graduate studies, faculty affairs, student affairs, academic planning, resource management, and strategic and program development. Through senior staff leadership, staff orientation to service, and extensive university-wide committee work, we serve to initiate, support, develop, and promote university advancement in these areas.

Patricia E. Beeson
Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

Kenyon R. Bonner
Vice Provost and Dean of Students

David N. DeJong
Executive Vice Provost

George A. Huber
Interim Vice Provost for Research Conduct and Compliance

Laurie J. Kirsch
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Development, and Diversity

Juan J. Manfredi
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies

Mark S. Redfern
Vice Provost for Research

Alberta M. Sbragia
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

Donald C. Shields
Associate Vice Provost for Research Initiatives

Nancy H. Tannery
Assistant Provost

Nathan N. Urban
Vice Provost for Special Projects

Steve R. Wisniewski
Vice Provost for Data and Information

Jennifer E. Woodward
Associate Vice Provost for Research Operations