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The Provost's Advisory Committee on Women's Concerns (PACWC) was created by former Provost Smith in March 1983 to investigate the situation of women at Pitt; identify areas in which the University could improve responsiveness to women's concerns; suggest alternative solutions for perceived problems; and represent woman in all areas of the University, including teaching, research, administration, and support services.

PACWC seeks to ensure a productive educational and work environment for faculty, staff, and students, particularly in areas related to women's concerns. It focuses on general issues of campus climate and programs as they affect women throughout the University. PACWC seeks to assist the Provost and the University community through its mandate.

The committee is broadly representative across campuses and includes faculty members, staff, administrators, and students. PACWC participates in interviews of candidates for senior academic administrator positions and co-sponsors, with the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies program, an annual lecture and reception welcoming new women faculty to the University of Pittsburgh.



The History of Women at Pitt

The History of Women at Pitt website highlights the changing interests and activities of women in the university in the last 100 years, and the attitudes that affected the participation of women in higher education. The story begins with the enrollment of the first women students in 1895 and ends with the opening of the Women’s Studies Program in 1972, a date in Pitt’s history that marks a new period of growth and advancement for academic women.


Spotlight on Recent PACWC Initiatives


PACWC identifies and works on projects related to strengthening the environment for women at Pitt. This past academic year, PACWC members worked on projects related to women & leadership. One of the PACWC initiatives is called “Spotlight on Women Leaders,” creating brief interviews of women leaders to celebrate women in leadership roles, share insights on the different forms of leadership, and inspire women across the Pitt community to aspire toward leadership. PACWC also hopes to engage the women leaders in future panels and workshops on leadership for the Pitt community.

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The University of Pittsburgh recognizes the importance of mentoring throughout our organization and PACWC is committed to providing our community with content and resources to find mentoring opportunities that will support growth and professional development.

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PACWC is committed to encouraging, supporting and raising the visibility of research by and involving women faculty, staff, and students at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Juggling career and family commitments can sometimes be a challenge. We have wonderful resources available to all employees here at Pitt. In addition, PACWC has also developed a comprehensive listing of external resources that can help you find services, resources, and support for the varying needs that you may experience in your role as a caregiver of children or elderly loved ones.

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