Office of the Provost

Titusville Report

In October 2016, the University made a presentation about the regional campuses to the Board of Trustees. Because of the steep enrollment declines, the Board asked the University to provide an analysis of the Titusville campus. After an extensive set of meetings and interviews held on the campus and in the community in winter and spring 2017, the University prepared the June 2017 “Options Report,” which contained a set of options for the Titusville campus. To solicit comments from the faculty and staff of Pitt-Titusville and from the community, the University posted a draft of this report on public websites and held an open meeting in Titusville. The University received more than 125 comments and these were reviewed in preparing a final report. This final report was reviewed by the Academic Affairs and Libraries Committee of Pitt’s Board of Trustees. The committee then discussed the report with the University’s Board of Trustees at their June 2017 meeting. After lengthy discussion, the Board requested that the University develop more detail on the idea of an education and training hub (options 4/5 in that report) for them to consider as an alternative to closing.

The present report is a draft prepared for the Academic Affairs and Libraries Committee. This draft report develops more detail on the education and training hub option (campus hub), since the option of closing was analyzed in the June report and public comments have been provided. The public is invited to provide comments on the campus hub model discussed in this draft report, and, if they wish, on closing the campus via this survey link.