Office of the Provost

Titusville Report

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville:

I invite your comments and feedback on a draft report reviewing options for the operations of the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville. The report follows meetings and discussions with members of the Pitt-Titusville community, the Pitt-Titusville Advisory Board, other members of the Titusville community, and elected representatives.

Each of the options is examined in terms of 1) fit with regional education and training needs, 2) financial sustainability, and 3) consistency with the University’s mission.  The analysis relies on various assumptions and estimations to assess changes in Pitt’s financial position. As such, the results of the analysis are best viewed as indicators of the direction and potential magnitude of change. As the University moves to narrow the options under consideration, the models here could be revised with different assumptions and/or built out in more detail. 

The report is available for review and comment below. Comments may be submitted online through the survey linked to below. In addition, I will be at the Pitt-Titusville campus from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. on June 9, 2017, in the Henne Auditorium to listen to your comments in person. Those wishing to make comments at this public meeting should register in advance at

Comments received by June 15, 2017 will be considered in finalizing the report to be presented for discussion at the June meeting of the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees. We do not expect any decisions about the campus to be taken as an outcome of the June meeting of the Board. Rather, the Board discussion in June will inform the development of a final report with recommendations. We anticipate completing this report in the fall. Once a decision is made, we expect that transitioning to any new model for the campus will be a multi-year process. 

University of Pittsburgh at Titusville Campus Update and Analysis

Thank you for your engagement with and consideration of this matter.


Patricia Beeson