Office of the Provost

Titusville Report

July 7, 2017

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

First, we would like to thank you for your support and many contributions in the development of the options report for the Titusville campus. In total, we received 125 insightful comments on the draft report circulated in early June, including those at the open forum on June 15. These comments informed the final report that was shared with the Board of Trustees along with the individual comments, and discussed at their meetings June 29 and 30.

The Board had a lengthy and thoughtful discussion of the various options, and concluded the following:

  • While not a favored option, the option of closing the campus (Option 2) cannot be taken off the table at this point.
  • Options 4 and 5 are viewed as exciting alternatives and the only options that have the potential to meet all three criteria for success: addressing the educational and training needs of the Titusville region, advancing the University’s mission, and achieving financial viability. These options have two key characteristics: 1) they bring in partners to fully utilize the Titusville campus facilities and to meet a broad range of education and training needs of the region, and 2) they radically change the range of Pitt’s programs and the ways in which these programs are offered.

Based on this feedback from the Board, Chancellor Gallagher committed the University to move forward immediately to develop specific proposals for Options 4 and 5 and return to the board in the fall to continue the discussion.

Over the next several months, we will be working with Larry Feick, Dean David Fitz, and members of the campus and Titusville community to further develop these options. As was the case in developing the options report, we will have an open process that engages the community in developing the ideas in this next report.

Thank you again for all of your contributions as we work together to find the best role for the Titusville Campus in meeting the present and future educational needs of the region.


Patricia E. Beeson, Provost, University of Pittsburgh

Livingston Alexander, President, University of Pittsburgh at Titusville