Office of the Provost

Travel Management

The University's Office of Travel Management ( has certified several travel agencies that are authorized to accept a Business Travel Request (Form 0062) as the form of payment in exchange for commercial airfares, train tickets, and group travel services only. Airfares may be purchased from an approved travel agent. Certified travel agents must receive a properly authorized Business Travel Request prior to releasing travel documents. Airline, hotel and car rental reservations also may be made through one of the University approved travel agents listed below.

Gateway Travel 412-244-3740 or
TQ3Navigant Int'l 412-208-2066 or
People’s Travel 412-624-0423 or
University Travel Service 412-624-5580 or
412-621-3492 or
World Travel BTI 412-255-8724 or
412-255-8747 or

Personal travel may also be arranged through any one of these travel agencies.

The University's Office of Travel Management coordinates all University travel activities and is available to provide information and guidance. In addition, contact Travel Management to apply for PNC Visa and Diners Club cards and to arrange household goods relocation requests.

The Office of Travel Management is located at 118 Forbes Pavilion, 3525 Forbes Avenue, telephone 412-624-4433, e-mail or visit the Website at

For additional information, refer to the University's travel policy, University Policy 05-07-01, Travel and Business Expense.