Office of the Provost

Graphics, Marketing, Printing and Forms

University Graphics, Marketing & Printing is an award-winning department that provides the University with graphic design, typesetting, scanning, illustration, writing, editing, marketing consultation and printing for many types of communications projects. Projects include brochures, posters, mailers, flyers, catalogues, newsletters, University stationery items and forms, advertisements, and ad specialty items. All printing, including University letterheads, envelopes, and business cards, purchased with University of Pittsburgh accounts must enter through this department, using a Graphics & Printing requisition (Form 0008). When outside printing is required, the department works with University Purchasing and outside printers. All contacts with outside printers for work purchased with University of Pittsburgh accounts must be made through University Graphics, Marketing & Printing. Contact with outside providers of graphics services are also made through this department.

All of the University’s forms are produced through this department. The department operates the Stockroom in B-10 Cathedral of Learning. All University forms as well as an array of typewriter and copier supplies are available here. University Graphics, Marketing & Printing has its offices at 200 Forbes Pavilion (across from the Exxon Station, next to the Department of Parking, Transportation & Services) and a printing facility in the Cathedral of Learning basement, rooms B-10 and B-50.

For additional information, refer to University Policy 01-01-03, Establishing University Forms, or telephone 412-624-0409.