Office of the Provost

Travel and Business Expenses

The University will reimburse faculty, staff, and students for approved and authorized expenses incurred while on University business and/or related travel when the expense is:

  • actual and reasonable;
  • necessary in performance of University business;
  • supported by a valid proof of expense, such as a cash or other original receipt unless otherwise provided in the Travel and Business Expense Policy; and
  • in compliance with all the conditions established in the Travel and Business Expense Policy.

Employees may not use University funds to entertain fellow employees at lunches, holiday parties, or similar activities that are not directly related to University business or otherwise sanctioned by the appropriate University official.

All airline, hotel, and car rental reservations should be made through a University bid and certified travel agency. Regional campuses have their own University bid and certified travel agencies. It is possible to receive reimbursement for airline tickets purchased online if the online fare is less expensive than comparable fares offered by University-approved travel agencies. In order to seek reimbursement, submit a properly completed Travel and Business Expense Report at the conclusion of the journey for which reimbursement is being sought. In addition, an original ticket receipt must be attached to the TBER. In an effort to facilitate the speedy processing of the reimbursement, it is advisable to attach a memo addressed to Payment Processing explaining that the airfare was purchased online, that a University-approved travel agency quote for the same itinerary was higher (indicating the amount quoted), and that personal funds were used to purchase the online airfare.

For details on the requirements and procedures for reimbursement of travel and business expenses, consult University Policy 05-07-01, Travel and Business Expenses, or contact the Office of Travel Management, telephone 412-624-4433, or visit the Website at